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Overcoming Adversity with Allan Sparkes


Allan Sparkes’ story of overcoming adversity through courage and motivation saw a packed Riverside Room at the Crossing Theatre on Wednesday night.  Allan spoke of his childhood at Cumnock, his fulfilling but event filled time in the NSW Police Force and it’s effects on his mental health, his ensuing recovery and his adventures sailing the seas of the world.  His openness in talking about his illness and his Beyond Blue ambassadorship will do well to help overcome the stigma of mental illness in the community.

Here’s a pic taken of Steve, Jake & Brooke and the other organisers of the night with Allan Sparkes.

Sparkes talk photo

Movember – it’s nearly time to get the mower out


Some of us can grow a mo better than others, but we all had a good go, had a few laughs along the way and most importantly raise awareness of men’s health, prompt conversations around men’s health issues and raise money for awareness and education programs specifically around mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.   Even ‘Howard’ our trusty office award got into the Movember act.

Before the mowers come out on the 1st December (some quicker than others) we captured a few pics of the real (and inspired) office mo’s.

We’re still a way off our target or raising $1000 to this worthy cause so please help us by clicking on this link


IMG_0471 IMG_0468IMG_0475



November Joke of the Month


Police Joke

NSW DPI Chickpea Seed Testing Service available at Tamworth


For those of you that have retained chickpea planting seed from the recent 2013 harvest,  please be aware that the NSW DPI plant pathology team are offering a free seed testing service as part of a GRDC funded Integrated Disease Management project.

Seed samples will be tested for;

  • Germination
  • Vigour
  • And pathology i.e. BGM and AB infections.

With the results being forwarded back to the supplier of the sample.

If you wish to have samples tested please forward a 300 gram sample of 2013 harvested chickpea seed to;

Kevin Moore

C/- Gail Chiplin

Tamworth Ag Institute

4 Marsden Park Rd

Calala  NSW 2340

Monthly Market Update


November saw harvest start and finish for many growers on the Newcastle zone, with our growers in Queensland having been all but finished by the start of the month. The dry run continued for Narrabri and Moree areas for harvest to finish early in the month. For much of the month the forecasters dangled the chance of rain in front of our noses, with almost every week beginning with talk of over an inch of rain by the weekend, only to be reduced to spot showers once the weekend finally arrived. This was not true further South, with growers on the Liverpool Plains experiencing decent rainfalls every weekend, with most South of Boggabri accumulating several inches over the month. Unfortunately these growers were still in the middle of harvest, with decent areas still to come off at the end of November, unable to get a good run at it. No one would be bold enough to complain about it though, with the rainfall much needed for these growers to begin planting of summer crops, avoiding the issues of last season’s very late, high moisture finish. Narrabri managed one decent shower over the month, with some growers around town pushing over 50-60ml, sustaining sorghum and cotton crops already planted. Moree hasn’t been as lucky, while the severe dryness continues in Queensland with thoughts of planting dryland summer crops being a very distant proposition.


As mentioned, the last of this year’s harvest is not far off completion for growers on the Liverpool Plains and Central West. It has been a challenging season for all, with the extended dry and hot Spring impacting growers throughout NSW and Qld, with many acres gone in this year not reaching harvest. As harvest has progressed the quality has remained high, with much of the crop managing high protein levels, while screenings have been an issue throughout. Yields, on the other hand, have been mixed, with an average yield being considered a decent result given the moisture available.


Sales have been made on a steady basis throughout the month, with little volatility in wheat prices over the space of several weeks. The best value for high protein wheat has been found going in to container markets, with first Moree and then Narrabri packers being active buyers throughout the month, however thinned out in the latter half of the month. The back half of the month did see prices improve for protein wheat on farm around the border into Queensland, where previously grades up to H2 were being priced basically as 70/10. 70/10 markets continue to offer strong values, both in the north with the shortness of stocks and dryness in Queensland, and on the Plains with feed lots becoming more active. It has taken basically the entire month for durum growers to see reasonable values, with the final week of November having prices finally push up to $300 or better for many durum receival sites. Barley prices have remained steady throughout the month, with buyers preference to own stocks being pushed out to the new year. Owners of malt had been disappointed by the very short period available to attract a premium, however by the end of the month limited demand saw prices improve for these stocks. Canola has also finished the month strongly, with track prices surging up to $519 track for the limited stocks yet to marketed. And finally we have seen some demand for chickpeas, with prices for chickies back to being better than faba beans, although only just. With prices finishing the month at $400 delivered to several packer destinations, and up to $440 delivered to Brisbane, growers have taken the opportunity to unload stocks, although there large quantities are remaining, these growers being happy to hold stocks well in to the new year.

Upcoming Events


21st December 2013 – Simply Stuck Printing & Signage Christmas Twilight Races, Moree Racecourse, from 12pm.  Contact Moree Race Club on 02 67523284 for more information.

AgVantage Commodities Market Report 29/11/2013


With the Thanksgiving Holiday this weekend in the United States futures markets have closed. Wheat has been showing signs of strength with steady exports, while corn appears that it has hit its bottom with the US being competitive in export markets. The big mover impacting domestic values this week has been the fall in the Aussie dollar, currently holding below 0.91. This helps in making Aussie stocks more competitive into export destinations. Commentators are looking toward a possible tapering of the US QE program before the end of the year which should continue to pressure dollar values further. As you have probably heard already today, the Federal Government has rejected ADM’s $3.4 billion takeover bid for Graincorp. This will allow significant agricultural infrastructure, including 7 export terminals and 280 up country receival sites, to remain in Australian hands.

With the close of the futures markets in the US domestic values will see little change today. A reminder for growers in the north who took grain in to the system in October that warehousing fees will commence for any stocks still owned this weekend. This week has seen an increase in demand for DR1 in the system, while we have homes for stocks on farm for movement in to Queensland. We also have strong bids for wheat stocks in the system, in particular APW and ASW, along with APH, AUH and HPS in certain sites. For stocks on farm, we have strong bids for high protein wheat delivered in to Narrabri packers, with APH2 starting at $300, or can take high protein wheat for movement into Qld, with APH1 at $325 delivered Downs. 70/10 markets have been holding steady. For stocks on the plains we would be bidding $277 delivered to Tamworth, for stocks in the North we are looking at $270+ around Moree. Chickpeas is another commodity which has had a resurgence in demand of late, with prices in to Narrabri, Goondiwindi or Dubbo pushing up to $400. For stocks on farm in the north of NSW we have prompt demand at $380+ around Moree. F1 barley values have been holding steady, with most homes now pushing out to January pick up. Values in the north are around $250 on farm, while Liverpool Plains are looking at around $240 for deferred pick up.

We have strong interest in new crop sorghum. Widespread rains over the last month has seen many growers get enough moisture to commence sowing, while crop already in the ground has also benefitted. Ex farm values on the Liverpool Plains are currently around $240. Growers with crop already in the ground in North of NSW would also achieve around $240+ as an on farm value today. Track prices have pushed above $280. Please call the office with any enquiries.

AgVantage Commodities Market Report 27/11/2013


December wheat futures overnight ended 6 cents lower due to a weakness in corn and beans which pressured wheat also. Reduced demand from Indonesia due to a weakness in their currency, along with reports that Russia’s yields are higher than expected also added to the bearish tone overnight. Corn also closed 6.25 cents lower. Open Interest has dropped some 70 000 contracts in the past two sessions and traders now feel that short covering is now filled. The focus on the corn markets is that there is a hefty supply, and that South American weather remains favorable to crop development and ideas that the USDA will raise production estimates in the next WASDE report, due early December. Soybeans were unchanged overnight with mixed news. US exporters reported sales of 360 000mt of US beans to an unknown destination, but at the same time China cancelled a shipment of 300 000mt. This cancellation has traders nervous that China could potentially cancel more US beans into the New Year period as they believe they have over committed and also if South American bean values continue to decline.

Locally, chickpeas have been of interest this week and they have traded this week at $392 delivered Moree, and $398-400/mt delivered Narrabri. Prices on a delivered Downs basis have been between $410-413, depending on delivery period. AgVantage are still accepting chickpeas into Agripark for warehousing. Current prices at Agripark are well above values for peas in the system. Faba beans, by large remain reasonably flat in both demand and price.

We have strong interest and competitive demand for new crop sorghum delivered Narrabri, Newcastle, Brisbane and on an ex-farm basis from the LPP through to border regions. Values delivered Newcastle today are around $280-283/mt delivered and ex-farm Gunnedah/Curlewis is around $240XF. For anyone looking to price new crop sorghum, please give us a call. This past season there has been large volumes of sorghum trade on a delivered Narrabri basis into the packers as Chinese demand this year was previously unseen. This gave growers around Narrabri, Bellata, Wee Waa and even growers from Gunnedah an alternative to putting grain in the system. We believe that this will again be a strong alternative to growers and we do have prices for delivery into packer for new crop sorghum.

On the wheat front, the scattered storms across the region over the weekend has really had little effect on prices. Lower grade wheat values remain well supported and growers are continuing to be active sellers. Currently there is demand for most grades in the system with buyers still being selective on what grades they are chasing. If you have 3-4 different grades in the system, chances are there will be 3-4 different buyers also. Given today is the 27th, please be reminded that for some growers, particularly in the north that warehousing fees will kick in this Sunday, leaving only a few days to price and transfer prior to these fees if you so wish.

We have also seen durum values ‘pop’ in the past week and growers south of Narrabri with durum in the system have achieved $300+ site. Now we know that most would like to see more of a premium for durum but from what we are hearing, Aussie durum values are still $30+ above Canadian values into competing destinations. DR2 values are around a $25-30/mt discount to DR1 and DR3 values a further $20-25/mt behind DR2 values. On-farm durum is difficult to move if you are looking to move prompt and for anyone looking at a delivered Gunnedah option, it would be for a July delivery.

Cotton futures have risen over the past couple of sessions and prices today are above $460/bale. Long-term outlook remains fairly flat and futures today for the March contract are around 79cents/lb. The decline in our Dollar is providing support and a drop under .90USD would be nice to see. Recent rain has provided some relief for growers across parts of the Namoi Valleys, however those in the MacIntyre, Gwydir and Macquarie Valleys are still watering to keep crop development progressing.

Please keep in mind when speaking to AgVantage or perusing the prices on our bidsheet that we do not charge you, the grower a fee for our services.

Growing appetite for green grain


Producers say there’s growing demand for a health-food cereal made from various types of grain that are harvested while still green.

Freekeh originated in the eastern Mediterranean region more than 4,000 years ago, but is enjoying a resurgence in popularity after being featured on the Oprah Winfrey program.

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