As harvest progresses we are seeing more enquiries emerge from growers wanting to know what to do with their grain. Again, growers remain largely unsold and are looking to price some for cashflow. We have a number of different strategies for growers to utilise in terms of where to take grain and what to sell at harvest opposed to what to store and sell post-harvest.

We have homes into Gherkes, Moree and Narrabri for high protein grades of wheat. These destinations can accept high screenings as well.

We have been buying faba beans into Moree during the course of the past week at $395/mt for No1 quality with a $10/mt discount to No2 spec. Goondi numbers are the same. Narrabri prices are between $378-403, depending on who is buying each day.

Chickpeas remain fairly quiet but we have buyers onto the Downs, delivered Allora, Goondi, Moree, Narrabri and Dubbo. We also have warehousing available at Agripark Moree and Auscott Narrabri.

Mungbean values remain strong and growers are selling as crops are emerging. We have had a number of growers inform us if prices remain strong and conditions allow them to do so, they will plant a summer crop on the back of wheat also.

As barley harvest progresses, a reminder we will have buyers of both feed and malt in the system or on-farm. Malt on-farm will be difficult to move off the header, it will most likely be a post-harvest pick-up as the maltsters won’t want it until Jan/Feb. North Star will probably be the best pricing point for malt in the system as it’s proximity to Brisbane is ideal.

New crop sorghum delivered Downs prices have been range-bound between $260-270/mt and today is just shy of the $270/mt mark.

Don’t forget to call us for a comparison of grades & prices!