Fact of the Day – Tiger Woods became the world’s first billion-dollar athlete in 2009. Even though no longer considered the best playing, he is still the highest-paid. Tiger is also famous for wearing red on the final day of tournaments. This meant that red was the colour Tiger almost inevitably had on when he won, he did this as his mother said it was his power colour when he first started.

The last ten days have seen feed prices across the board sky rocket. We have watched prices etch higher over the past twelve months, though the last month is really where the market has gone berserk. With boats being unloaded in to Newcastle and Brisbane, we see grain travelling to all market zones across the states just to cover buying needs for the next few months at least. Cold temperatures look to continue for the remainder of the month with central NSW receiving Snow which isn’t doing any wonders for already disastrous conditions. Wheat overseas is looking positive in the US, with spring wheat quality looking favourable at this point in time. Corn has made a healthy gain through Eastern Europe, though across Brazil it seems to have had some losses on the market regarding their production outlook. The Aussie dollar has been quite subdued over the last week as concerns in the gateway to Europe (Turkey) still continue, it holds around the $0.723 mark.

Compare the Pair

August 1st 2017

August 1st 2018

Faba Beans (Feed)

$255 XF Moree

$620 XF Moree

Feed Wheat (SFW1)

$300 XF Narrabri

$485 XF Narrabri

Barley (F1)

$280 XF Narrabri

$495 XF Narrabri

Chickpeas #1

$780 Del Narrabri

$815 Del Narrabri

Currently for feed demand and drought relief, grain and hay is being shipped from the other side of the country and interstate, including Tasmania. Hay, Barley, Wheat and everything in between is heading to every corner of eastern Australia to alleviate the lack of supply that is only wearing more and more thin. Prices have had more than a substantial jump as of late with Wheat ex-farm north of Narrabri very close to $500/mt. The sellers’ market stays very firm as buyers can’t quite put a bid down, as within a day or two, prices have shifted $10-20 north. Pulses have been a nice turning point at above $815/mt, considering the conditions being faced aren’t positive at all. Growers that have held on are pleased to be back where we were over a year ago at a sellable level. New crop is bid at $850 delivered Narrabri, Wee Waa and the Darling Downs.

Last week was spent by myself, and over two thousand delegates on the Gold Coast for the 2018 Australian Cotton Conference. Sustainability and innovation were the main talking points, as well as where we go as an industry from here in to the next generation. From block chain analysis to robotic weed management and everything in between, there was a lot to take out of the biannual three day event. This week though the market has taken quite the hit with bale prices dropping by around $25-30. Today’s prices stand at $616 for 2018, $632 2019, $585 2020 and $530/bale for 2021 and 2022(at time of writing).

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