We are starting to see some interest in new crop mungbeans, both from sellers enquiring about planting mungs this season, and from buyers updating us on current prices. At the moment, we have buying interest on a delivered Dalby and Goondi basis for hectare contracts. Prices are listed to the side and historically at good levels. For anyone wishing to explore these as a summer crop alternative, please give us a call to discuss options.

This past week we have been speaking to growers regarding new crop durum values. These have skyrocketed and are currently between $390-400/mt Newcastle track, depending on site. These represent an excellent selling opportunity for anyone looking to start their marketing program. These are on a multigrade basis and we have discounts to DR2, DR3 and Feed.

We have buying interest for old crop chickpeas at the moment into Narrabri, Moree, the Downs and ex-farm parcels. We expect the market to be around $440 delivered Narrabri today for old crop.

For anyone with APH still on-farm we have demand into Narrabri for July delivery. These values would be around $320/mt delivered today. We would look at a multigrade based on protein levels but ideally the buyer is targeting a minimum of 13% protein.

Old crop 70/10 and F1 demand is a little weaker at the moment as cheaper grain from Southern NSW is still being offered/traded into the SQ domestic market.

We have prices for sorghum into Tamworth or Newcastle at the moment. These are between $246-255/mt delivered Tamworth (SSOR/SOR1) and $265-376/mt delivered Newcastle respectively for August/September movement.

Today we are able to offer a Guaranteed Minimum Price contract for 2015 cotton. It gives you a set minimum price and allows you to participate in any upside potential out until a set date. For anyone interested, please give us a call to discuss the finer details. For anyone that still has 2014 cotton to price, we are interested, and have competitive values. We can discuss our current pricing structure also, which is a price for Middling, Strict Middling and Strict Low Middling, rather than a price for base grade, less the P&D sheet discounts.