Fact of the Day – We have only explored less than 5 percent of the Earth’s oceans, In fact, we have better maps of Mars than we do of the ocean floor. About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water.

Hail came through in scatters along with steady showers over the weekend and that was all except for some areas just south of the border which received upwards of an inch. Rain now hasn’t been substantial for the majority of the North West and Southern Downs this year and the warm days still have lingered longer than anyone wanted or expected. As planting is looming with some growers already getting started, the same mentality remains to “get it in the ground and ask questions about the forecast later”. Marketing of grain is on the back burner for now as prices are firm and most producers having more pressing agendas taking the wheel in picking, planting and spraying. The Aussie starts today a little over $0.776 with most currencies opening unchanged since the weeks start.

Market Prices

Sorghum 1

Sorghum 2


Chickpea #1

Del Brisbane

$360 J/J

$330 J/J


Del Downs

$345 J/J

$315 J/J

$356 J/J

$610 A/M

Del Narrabri

$325 A/M

$300 A/M

$310 XF A/M

$600 A/M

Del Newcastle

$350 M/J


As mentioned last week too, with planting soon to be fully underway, pricing for the 2018/19 season ahead is becoming clearer with increased interest by the day, especially in pulses. Chickpeas delivered in to the Darling Downs market zone are looking at a rough price of $535/mt which has climbed over the past 10-12 days turning a few more heads leading in to the winter crop plant. Chickpeas remain firm for current crop with market shorts surfacing but also not looking to get any more exciting as Pakistan is the only interested buyer at this point in time. Faba Beans are unchanged for the ex-farm market with prices set at $320 Goondiwindi, $310 Moree and $310 Narrabri for #2s or better quality. Old crop still is soaring with graziers buying by the load to keep sheep and cattle at bay, though for larger tonnes, traders are pricing $310 XF subject to location and enquiry.

Many reports coming out of the paddock on Cotton picking show growers are having a better season on yield than last year. Even though quality is still uncertain as the gins are only just getting in to full motion along with the classing, watch this space as the season progresses across the state. The futures dropped ever so slightly to start the week with a five dollar drop on 2018 cotton, now standing at $575/bale, 2019 $560 and 2020 at $530.

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