The US and China continue their back and forward, and frankly the rest of the world is growing very tired of it all. Even though there’s very important topics at hand, such as national security, there needs to be some accountability for a  more prompt fix in the coming weeks rather than months. The election here at home saw the Liberals hold on to government, which doesn’t change too much for now. Though we can hope that the government will continue to alleviate pressure on those in rural and remote areas, if not by even more as not much has changed.

On the domestic grains front, demand is still high for feed, yet no real change on the market side. Protein meals, soybean hulls and PKE continue to be sought after to keep nutrition levels up among herds. Sorghum has found recent gains, up about $10-15 in the last week which brought a few tonnes around the area forward. New crop prices have started to trickle out the last few days, though it is still early, especially when taking in to account what has been received and what is forecasted rain wise.

Chickpea market is fluttering but still not much activity to get everyone talking. There is demand regardless, especially if growers were looking to leak a few loads out before the end of financial year.

Cotton has made modest gains, yet still at the sub $600 level for the 2019 season. Most growers have finished stripping or are coming very close to the end, of what has been a tough summer crop right off the back of a tougher winter crop.


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