Well, haven’t things picked-up since Tuesday’s report? The phones are ringing and there’s a sense of urgency to get prices and keep trucks and headers moving. I’m sure, given the season, this won’t last long so we are enjoying the buzz for now.

Prices seem fairly stable this week. Wheat into Narrabri is holding values well above $300 for APH1 & APH2, which are the best harvest prices we have seen in a few seasons. We are continuing to contract multigrades on this basis. Unfortunately, there probably won’t be a lot of grain going into Moree this season due to the strength in Narrabri prices. For growers who want to store grain on-farm and deliver post-harvest, we do have post-harvest multigrades available. SFW1 delivered Downs is bid $292 for Oct/Nov & $293/$300 for Jan, plus $2.50/mt carry for Feb onwards. For growers who are delivering grain into the system, please do your sums on where you are delivering. We understand you want the best returns for your grain but as an example – if you normally deliver to Merah North because you are in the Spring Plains region, have a look at what it would cost to get this grain to Narrabri or Bellata and if this benefit will outweigh the cost of freight.

We have a number of buyers keen to purchase canola for prompt or Nov/Dec pick-up. Edgeroi/Bellata prices today are $415-417XF and for growers with lower oil we have min 38% oil, flat-priced contracts available. For growers with higher oil, we have full AOF specs too.

We are able to purchase faba beans into Wee Waa as well. Today our bid into Wee Waa for No1 is $390. We are also still buying out of Agripark and into Narrabri. Chickpeas remain flat and today, close to $400/mt delivered Narrabri. The strongest pricing point for chickpeas is into Allora at $435/mt.