Agricultural commodity markets have remained fairly flat over the past week. Any news of weather concerns has speculators nervy, which is good for growers looking to capture spikes in the market. More and more growers are now looking to meet the market as sowing is just around the corner and cash flow issues are creeping in. Although many growers are coming to the realisation that globally there is ample supply and that isn’t forecast to change inside the next six months.

Capturing spikes is the key for marketing success in the current climate. Rather than being a forced seller, growers should choose the spikes in the market.

Eastern Liverpool plains  sorghum has traded at $200/MT ex farm through the week, and that continues to remain a sell point for the grower. Although starkly different to 12 months ago, is certainty not the low we have seen in previous years’.

Chickpea demand remains consistent with bid prices for new crop floating either side of $800/MT delivered for most areas. Although it doesn’t seem the best time to market your new crop chickpeas with India currently mid harvest and not completely in the market, and large areas of the Australian growing area still needed a drink before any crop is planted. Hectare contracts still remain attractive, and minimise risk.

Cotton harvest has kicked off in most areas on the early crop, with a few options to growers in terms of their marketing, they shouldn’t just take the cash price on the day if they view the market tracking higher.

Demand for APH2 and AUH2 wheat in the system has increased this week, and may be worthy at looking into marketing before growers are charged with April storage costs.

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