Fun Fact: Once a year, a majority of the great white population migrate on a sort of vacation, roughly 20 percent of the Great Whites head out to a dead spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Nicknamed the “Great White Cafe” by researchers who discovered the strange behaviour, the reason is still almost a complete mystery, myths include hunting of the monstrous Giant Squid, only adding to the mysteries of the great unknown.

July is all but done, though August appears to be no change from what is forecasted. The urgency for feed grains couldn’t be more evident with logistics being the least of worries for buyers. Cottonseed, Oats, Fabas, Corn, Wheat, Barley and Sorghum being hauled across all corners of Eastern Australia for graziers and lot feeders with dwindling supplies as the dry winter doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Grains through the Downs are still in stock but from the border south, grain is being acquired from the MacIntrye for delivery on to the plains and vice versa (SNSW to the North of the state).

Chickpeas have found some ground as of late with word coming from the sub-continent that their own values are on the up. $655 across Narrabri and the Downs with new crop at just five dollars more. The next few months will tell all as international demand creeps up and old crop tonnes are well sought after. The season obviously will be quite miniscule which will slowly start to reflect prices once word travels abroad that conditions are a lot worse than they first thought. This is also coming of smaller seasons already in previous years.

Cotton has had smooth gains in to the end of the week. General though is that supply is lagging in regards to the demand, especially with the USDA delving in to the world estimates more and more. Dry weather throughout Australia and the US growing areas continues to play its role in only elevating market futures.

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