Fact of the Day – Dalmatians are perhaps best known for their role as fire-fighting apparatus escorts and firehouse mascots. Since Dalmatians and horses are very compatible, the dogs were easily trained to run in front of the carriages to help clear a path and quickly guide the horses and firefighters to the fires.

The last week has been one of the more positive weeks the region has faced in recent months. The weekend brought moderate to heavy rainfall, along with a welcomed cold snap (safe to say the 6-month long season of summer is behind us). Temperatures since the recent rains have not exceeded 25 degrees, with the nights dropping well in to single digits also. Across NNSW, the Liverpool plains received 40-60mm, Narrabri to Moree 25-50mm and the western areas of Walgett and Bourke enjoying 30-55mm. As stated in last weeks comment, “there are many banking on this (rain) with growers planting furiously over the last few days”, this rain could not have been timelier for a positive foundation. Now, we just need the cooler temperatures and heavier falls to continue over the next 3-4 months for a season we are reasonably content with. New crop (19/20) prices are bid at $335/mt for SFW1 and $330 for F1 delivered Darling Downs Jan/Feb. Chickpeas continue their break from making headlines.

On a trade point of view, President Trump is not doing us any favours in the way his negotiating methods are being taken by China. His recent Tweets on new import tariffs have not fallen kindly on China’s ears, and they have retaliated by cutting this weeks talks short and slowing the process down even more. As CBA’s commodities expert Tobin Gorey said, “Both cannot hope to get by without the other”, therefore a deal is vital, but the timeframe is anything but. Bale prices have reflected this trade news this week and today have again softened for current cotton and seasons ahead, 2019 $6002020 $595 and 2021 $550 (at time of writing).

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