Ensure you have the AgVantage for your business!

AgVantage Commodities gives buyers access to more commodities through a transparent, reliable and confidential service built from experience and long-term, trusted relationships with producers.


AgVantage works differently to many brokering businesses.  We offer a fee-for-service contract that guarantees you have access to the commodities you need, when you need them.   We work independently to source your commodities at your price and provide you with feedback on your bids.

When dealing with many producer brokers, a buyer can only gain access to commodities when the broker advises their client they should sell and then their prices are auctioned around the market. AgVantage offers service to buyers all year round based on your individual requirements – we will not auction prices.

Why buyers choose a fee-for-service agreement with AgVantage:

  • Reduced overhead – you pay only for commodities purchased at the price you bid;
  • Access to key information and feedback on crop conditions, local supply and demand, and quality and quantity information;
  • Management of client relationships, confidentiality and contract management between you and the producer, ensuring each party honours their part of the transaction;
  • Access to producers twelve months of the year, so you can purchase the commodities you want when you want them;
  • The help of experienced, knowledgeable and local staff who have a vested interest in your success;
  • Access to a wide range of agricultural commodities; and
  • Producer selling ideas and promotions to producers.

AgVantage’s relationships with producers provide leverage when negotiating your business. Price is important – in fact, price is king – but it’s the power of relationships that give you the edge in this competitive environment. AgVantage’s relationships give you, the buyer, access to producers and the ability to distinguish your company from the competition.

Relationships are paramount, and experience shows that producers like dealing with a local, knowledgeable person they know and trust who can present them with a competitive price from a reputable counter-party.  In an increasingly competitive environment, buyers need access to commodities without paying a premium to secure them. Most of the time the cheapest commodities are bought from the producer direct – and this is where relationships are crucial.

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AgVantage Commodities – one phone call, multiple sellers. It’s to your AgVantage.