Erin’s western crop update

After an early start yesterday, I spent the day visiting growers from Walgett, Burren Junction and Wee Waa. Of the crops I saw around Walgett/Cryon they are, for now, in pretty good nick and are standing tall, don’t appear stressed at the moment although would like a drop or two of rain in the coming weeks to reach their full yield potential. These crops still have good subsoil moisture. Canola crops out west are standing tall, are generally very uniform are thick and are flowering. Some chickpea crops are flowering while others are still quite small and after a wet start are only just starting to kick into gear. I saw chickpea crops around Burren and Wee Waa that suffered extensive water damage back in July and are extremely patchy – I would expect 20% or more losses to these areas.

The wheat crops are mixed with the earlier planted crop well-advanced, quite tall and starting to push out a head, while some of the later planted crops are visibly struggling at the moment and will need rain sooner rather than later.

Over the coming weeks I will be ‘out and about’ on a regular basis meeting growers and posting similar updates on my visits.