AgVantage offers consulting, brokering, grain testing & cleaning equipment, grain storage, and insurance services to Australian agricultural producers.  

With access to more buyers, a transparent, reliable and confidential service built from experience, and trusted relationships our experienced staff provide comprehensive market information and competitive pricing.

Our philosophy is to farm for profit, not the market highs.  Therefore, we work with growers to help them develop marketing plans to achieve their financial goals.  We do this through careful one 0n one planning, individual customer service and embracing technology.  

We are a one-stop commodity shop – if you can grow it, we’ll have a market for you!

AgVantage Commodities offers producers:

  • one-stop commodity marketing shop giving farmers more time to focus on growing crops and managing their business.
  • Price alerts via SMS and email so producers are kept up to date with the latest information when they are busy.
  • Private consultancy services that meet your needs – we help keep producers accountable and profitable through planning, monitoring, negotiation and administration.
  • Reliable, up-to-the-minute market information
  • Access to multiple market participants
  • Experienced, knowledgeable staff with well-established buyer relationships who are always on hand to discuss your requirements and assist you to plan the sale of your agricultural commodities.
  • Options for products, pools, cash, area contracts, payment terms and delivery
  • Integrity, honesty, advice and mutual respect for all our clients

Our service doesn’t end at contract agreement.  AgVantage is there every step of the way to ensure contracts are executed right through to payment.  If there are ever any issues, AgVantage acts as the conduit between buyer and seller to ensure issues are resolved in a transparent and timely manner.

With deregulated bulk wheat exports, there is more diversity and increased competition for all agricultural commodities. With this change comes increased choice and more marketing options for producers and more risk.  Our rigorous risk analysis on new buyers provides a safety net to ensure payments reach your bank account as per contract conditions.

How can you get access to more buyers to ensure you receive a competitive price in the most efficient amount of time? This is where AgVantage offers your business value and service. 

Why wait? Contact us now to learn more!