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AgVantage adds silos to our on farm storage services

As part of our business strategy of providing solutions to our clients for their commodity marketing & on-farm storage needs, AgVantage Commodities have formed a relationship with Silo Services NSW, distributors of the world-renowned Brock silos, grain storage systems & handling equipment.

The Silo Services group www.siloservices.com.au, operate Australia-wide, with offices in Sydney, Bendigo & Perth, and were responsible for the supply & construction of the recently completed Newcastle Port complex (Newcastle Agri Terminal – NAT www.naterminal.com.au) & associated grain handling equipment; including 60,000mt of fully sealed storage (to Australian Standard AS 2628-2010).

Silo Services are the Authorised Distributor in Australia for Brock Grain Systems (On-Ground & Elevated Silos), Lemar Industries (Towers & Catwalks) & Riley Equipment (Grain Elevators & Conveyors) with all companies subsidiaries of CTB, Inc. owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

AgVantage will represent Silo Services NSW in central & northern NSW, as well as southern Queensland. Within this region, AgVantage & Silo Services NSW provide solutions to clients via a consultative & advisory approach. This incorporates total design (including geotechnical analysis & foundations), supply & installation services for your grain storage systems, including silos, sweep unloaders, drag conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, grain loops, support structures & walkways, mobile grain augers & other associated equipment. We can also supply silo aeration & fumigation sealing, along with retro fitted equipment to existing infrastructure.

Through our relationship with Silo Services NSW, AgVantage can supply on-farm, as well as commercial storage/trading entities, with fumigation sealing, sweep unloaders, portable drive over pits and conveyors, transport conveyors, bulk weighers, samplers & truck probes, bucket elevators, belt conveyors, drag conveyors, towers & catwalks, aeration equipment, grain loops, spouting & other related accessories. Please refer to www.siloservices.com.au for further details of the products & services AgVantage can provide.

See the below PDF links with information on the some of our product offerings:

Farm Silos: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_1932_201309_Wide_CorrFarmEM_.pdf

Commercial Silos: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_2078_201309_CommercialGrainBinsEM.pdf
Cone Bottom Silos: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_1939_201302_BRHopperBinsEM.pdf
Aeration Floors: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_2051_201401_GrainBinFloorsEM.pdf

Important OH&S options
Ladder Door: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_1982_0208BrockLadderDoorEM.pdf
Silo Doors for easy access: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_1934_0408GrainBinDoorsEM.pdf
Roof Access Shur-Step: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_2022_201301_ShurStep_StairsEM.pdf
Grain Well Discharge Guards: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_2131_0408Well_GardDischargeGuardEM[1].pdf

Grain Handling Equipment & Structures
Roller Belt Conveyers: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_2076_0108RollerBeltBrochureEM.pdf
Farm Unloading Systems: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_2123_201309_HarvestTimeEM[1].pdf
Commercial Unloading Systems: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_2077_201401_SweepEM.pdf
Catwalks & Towers: www.brockmfg.com/uploads/pdf/BR_1979_605CatwalksTowersEM.pdf

Follow the YouTube link to see Brocks 30,000mt grain bin being built in from the ground up www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKqRrYHfveE

The AgVantage team believes the partnership with Silo Services NSW will provide the marketplace with an internationally tested product, the ability to help clients manage the design & construction of new storage facilities, and the ability to add storage to existing facilities. Our relationship with Silo Services NSW adds further to Advantage’s capabilities of providing on-farm storage solutions & complements our existing products www.agvantagecommodities.com.au/products – the Kwik Kleen Grain Cleaners, Next Instruments NIR whole grain analysers, & all sampling & testing equipment associated with receiving & outrunning grain.

Please contact the AgVantage team to discuss how we can assist you with your on farm storage solutions.

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Kwik Kleen Grain Cleaners

thumbs_kwik-kleen-grain-cleaner-in-actionTHE KWIK KLEEN GRAIN CLEANER is an exceptional way for any grain grower to add value to their harvest before sale. Wheat, barley, canola, corn, chick peas … you will be amazed at how the Kwik Kleen Grain Cleaner can remove weed seeds, dirt, small and pinched grain at up to 100 tonnes per hour! There are two Models of the Kwik Kleen Grain Cleaner available – Model 572 and Model 772. Click in the KWIK KLEEN Grain Cleaners link below to find out more information on this very efficient & cost effective tool in managing your grain quality.

Here’s how the Kwik Kleen Grain Cleaner can make your grain  more profitable:

Wheat – 13/14  1000t – protein 14.9%, screenings 7%, TW 78Kg/hl (stack ave). 

Value – $275/t AUH2 delivered Narrabri packer.

After cleaning @ 40t/hr through Model 572 Kwik Kleen: Protein 14.5%, screenings 3%, TW 80Kg/t (stacked  ave). 

Value – $300/t APH1 delivered Narrabri packer.

Net return 960t @ $25/t = $24,000    Machine cost $ 16,590 (ex GST).

Chickpeas – 13/14  1000t – defectives 6% (stack ave) rejected due to soil (unmillable material) & weed seeds. 

Value – $265/t delivered as stockfeed. 

After cleaning @ 30t/hr through Model 572 Kwik Kleen: 950t cleaned, defectives 2% (stack ave). 

Value – $350/t CHKP1 delivered Narrabri packer.

Net return 950t @ $85/t = $80,750    Machine cost $ 16,590 (ex GST).

Not only does the Kwik Kleen Grain Cleaner more than pay for itself it relieves stress and worry associated with delivering grain.


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Click here to see the Kwik Kleen in action


Grain Testing Equipment

crop scanWith the increase in on-farm storage over recent years, AgVantage sees the importance in providing on-farm storage solutions for growers to extract the most value from their investment. AgVantage now provides all the equipment required to test your grain at harvest which is invaluable when making blending & segrigation decisions in order to extract the most value from your grain. Click on the Harvest Package link below to see our harvest special where you can get all the grain testing equipment required to get start & save yourselves $3,500. 

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