The Upper Namoi Cotton Growers Association, held their annual crop competition tour on Wednesday 13th March. Held in conjunction was a Soil Health and Fertility information seesion, run by David Hartwick and Julian White in conjunction with the Namoi CMA. Julian and David gave a comprehensive overview of soil ecology and structure, biological and chemical interaction in the production system.

Andrew Watson hosted the first session of the day, where 2 soil pit examinations were completed showing the difference between farming system soil, and the soil in a natural pasture system along with trails of various manure, microbial and granular based fertiliser treatments. Ian Rochester gave a session on late season plant nutrition, whilst we inspected a CSD trail at Kilmarnock. At Lunch we heard from Greg Cameron, Havana Farming, on their successful integration of vetch into the cotton production system in the Lower Namoi.

The day finished up with an inspection of the UNCGA’s 2013 Irrigated Crop of the Year at “Milchengowrie”, followed by a farm tour, where he heard from Danny Jones, farm manager for PrimeAg, and Ian Carter, the winner of the UNCGA’s 2013 Dryland Crop of the Year.

Congratulations to the winners of this years Crop Competition, and thanks to Kirrily Blomfield and the UNCGA for organising another terrific day out.